Many parents have questions when deciding where to send their children to extra curricular activities. Many students also may have questions about their own classes and we aim to answer the most common ones here.


Are the teachers qualified and experienced?

Leotards and Monologues was founded in 2010 by professional performers Karen Williams and Chris Holland. Both have had extensive performing careers in all aspects of the industry and bring this unrivaled experience to the school. Both are experienced in teaching to the highest professional level. All our teachers are qualified and experienced. Beware of stage schools run by teachers with little or no experience or qualifications.


Why should my child take singing/dancing/acting exams?

Examinations offer children and students the opportunity to work towards a goal or project and gives satisfaction and a feeling of achievement at the end. They continually challenge the student, for example performing a solo for the first time which can greatly improve confidence. Exams offer a benchmark of achievement and are an indication of the development of skills in each student. As well as these personal positives, many of the exams we offer are recognised on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).


Why are the exams expensive?

The examination bodies are international organisations. Examiners are flown in from all corners of the world to examine and so there are many costs associated with this that need to be covered by these organisations. If we need to add any additional fees to the exam cost laid out by examining bodies (for pianist etc), these are clearly itemised on exam notes. We do not make any money from examinations!

In return for exam fees, your child/student receives an internationally recognised qualification.


Who are the examining bodies?

There is plenty of information about the various examining bodies we use on their various websites. We use the Royal Academy of Dance for ballet examinations; www.rad.org.uk

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for modern and jazz; www.istd.org 

London College of Music for singing exams; www.uwl.ac.uk

Irish Board of Speech and Drama for drama exams; www.irishboard.ie


When can I start pointe work?

​Many years of ballet study is required before a female student can take up pointe work and each class will be go at a pace that is right for them. Generally a student must be a minimum of 11 years old, must be attending two ballet classes per week for at least a year and be at least grade 4 standard.


Do you do extra Stetching Classes?

Stretching for young students has become popular on social media and doing 'tricks' can be appealing to younger students. Stretching and flexibility is managed in a safe way through the progression of our classes and children are guided through this in a way that is appropriate to the age and skill level of the individual. 'Stretch' classes are unnecessary and can be unsafe if not conducted by professionals.

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